Lined curtains Lining helps to protect fabric from sunlight and dirt and will extend the life of any curtain. The extra body will also add weight and improves the draping quality. Standard colours of linings available are ecru, cream and white.

Interlined curtains Interlining is attached to the face fabric and secondly to the lining. It is used to improve the drape and hang of the curtain and also provides protection of the fabric and good insulation.



Curtain Headings

Pencil Pleat Tape is available in 1 inch, or 3 inch versions. They have hook pockets but are also available with a velcro compatible loop section.


Pinch Pleat also known as triple pleat or french heading. A smart heading where the curtains fall in even folds. A deeper pleat is used for longer curtains.


Goblet Heading Look best hanging from under a pole. This heading is most attractive and makes both curtains and valances look elegant and special.


Slotted Headings These are for a fixed heading slotted onto a pole, either with or without a frill above a stitched channel. The curtains are held open using tie backs or ombras.


Box Pleated This heading is where the fabric is pleated and flattenedwith the outside edges stitched near to the top of the curtain.


Tabbed Headings Tab curtains often have no fullness. The flat tabs are extended above the heading and wrapped over the pole.




Roman Blind Gives a tailored look and is a smart solution to dressing windows. A roman blind will suit almost all windows whether period or contemporary. They use the minimum of fabric and although time consuming to make, the result is most effective. When the blind is corded and when down the fabric is flat. A Roman blind can be lined and also interlined. It can be fixed inside or outside the recess.

The blind is supplied with a fabric covered wooden batten ready drilled for fixing to the wall, together with a metal cleat.


London Blind The inverted pleats at each side of this soft pleated blind gives a little fullness which allows the hem to fall into a shallow scallop with small drop down sides.


Austrian and Festoon Blinds These are simple gathered blinds and have various degrees of fullness to achieve different effects.